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The EY Practitioner Group was established in September 2021 and has continued to remain a valuable source of CPD and support for early years teachers within the consortium.  The primary focus or the group is to develop early years provision and outcomes for children across schools within the consortium, through regular CPD sessions, moderations, network development meetings and sharing best practice.  Led by an Early Education Consultant, Beth Devereux, the current offer provides:

  • A termly twilight meeting to share key messages and up to date information. Each session has a specific focus such as enabling environments, moderation, assessments to enhance EYFS practice, promote discussions and upskill teachers knowledge.
  • Termly half day CPD session, which have included forest school taster sessions, speech and language development, storytelling and poetry, supporting PSED, and effective EYFS planning.
  • Additional benefits include a WhatsApp group, an opportunity to share ideas and ask questions and a termly EY newsletter sharing EY news, guidance and sharing best practice to support further professional development and create a supportive network within the consortium.

Teacher feedback has been extremely positive with individual teachers feeling confident in their own expertise and improving outcomes for children within the early years.  It is a welcomed and supportive forum for professional dialogue based firmly within early childhood pedagogy.


Thursday 3rd October 4pm - 6pm at St Lawrence Primary

Tuesday 6th February 4pm - 6pm at Stanway Fiveways Primary

Tuesday 14th May 4pm - 6pm at TBC


Beth Devereux is an experienced Early Education Consultant, specialising in Early Language and Communication.  Over the last 20 years, Beth has worked across a vast early years spectrum from EYFS lead and primary school teacher to an LA EYFS advisor and Early Language and Communication Consultant for Essex County Council. Working alongside early years experts throughout her career and steering county wide campaigns and initiatives such as ECC’s Talk Listen Cuddle Campaign and Early Education Essex Branch, Beth is passionate about the importance of this early stage of education and how this impacts on children’s educational journey and future success in life.  In this time, she has developed an in-depth knowledge of effective early years practice and demonstrates high aspirations for the early years provision. Since leaving the local authority, Beth has worked on many national projects including DfE early years recovery programmes EYPDP and EY Senco training. She is currently working with the Stronger Practice hubs within the NE of England and delivering training with leading speech and language training providers, Elklan.  Beth has extensive experience in creating and delivering a wide range of training courses, as well as providing guidance to individual schools/settings to develop best practice across all aspects of the early years.  In addition, to working as an independent advisor Beth has also ensured that she has current ‘class’ experience working locally teaching within schools and delivering forest school, essential to provide current and impactful support for teachers and EY practitioners.


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